Dignidad Inmigrante En Athens (DIA) is an organization that began in Athens when a group of undocumented students, embarked on a cross-country walk to Washington, D.C., visited Athens. Residents, organizations and immigrants of Athens joined forces to support them with lodging, food, and meetings where they spoke with the public. DIA reflects and honors the dignity of a people, formed of many nationalities, many races, and many cultures, which is in a constant process of redefinition at is it seeks its identity. DIA believes that every human being has the right to a life of dignity, that recognizes the value of their effort, work and contributions to society. DIA demands that fundamental rights to education, work, housing, and family (love), be safeguarded for all human beings, regardless of their migration status, race, or gender. For more information, please visit their website: https://dignidadinmigrante.wordpress.com/who-is-dia-immigrant-dignity-in-athens/

U-Lead Athens, a group of United, Unafraid, Undefeated, Un(der)documented Leaders, is a sister organization of the Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition. Our goal is equal access to higher education for students of immigrant families who are in or have recently graduated from high school. As U-Lead students we pursue that goal, along with our public school, university, and community mentors and allies, by 1) studying for college entrance exams, 2) applying to colleges and scholarships that will accept students of varying documentation status, and 3) finding financial support for attending institutions of higher education. For more information, please visit their website -- http://uleadathens.org/.

Community Support provides emergency assistance and emotional support to families in crisis because of immigration detentions and deportations. We foster the creation of safe spaces for healing and responding to the trauma of forced separations of families by connecting people with community resources and broadening networks of solidarity and support. We become "buddies" for these families, guides through these difficult times, and draw on community resources to provide essential needs for families suffering the heavy tolls of immigration raids, detentions, and deportations that separate children from parents, suddenly depriving access to love, care, and vital income. For more information, please visit their website: http//www.athensimmigrantrights.org/community-support/

LatinxFest is the annual celebration of Latinx community, during the Hispanic Heritage month, the latinxFest mission is to give a witness of the cultural contribution latinx community to Athens.