DACA Call to Action / Charlottesville Solidarity Vigil

Call to acction to defend DACA, TPS and 11 Miilions tof Undocumented Immigrants in USA.
Solidarity Vigil for  Charlottesville Virginia.

When? 8/15/17 at the Arch of UGA from 5:30pm to 7PM

Bring a candle.

Hosted by Athens Immigrant Rigths Coalition and Athens for Every One

Hundreds of thousand of kids immigrate to the US are DACA holders. Undocumented families have been forced to immigrate dangerously without documentation, because of increased border security and lack of legal way to immigrate to US.

Defer Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, was implemented by Obama’s administration to protect the immigrant kids who meet specific criteria.

Under Trump’s administration many DACA holders have been deported and many others have had to defend their status in the court system. The head of ICE states that DACA is not a guaranteed protection, and they will enforce deportation to all undocumented immigrants, ending the prioritizing enforcement implemented by the last administration. As a result of this inhumane enforcement, human rights violation are on the rise in the US. States like Texas are pressuring the Federal Governament to end DACA, saying they will sue in court. White Nationalist groups are pumping millions of dollars to criminalize every undocumented person in US, and the media has followed their lead.

As a result of long time of dehumanization, propaganda, and constant attacks by President Trump, hate crimes against immigrants are on the rise, and fear of deportation and insecurity of the migrant families increase every day.

The white nationalist groups have aligned with hate groups all over the country, mixing their hate with a sense of patriotism, promoted by Fox News, and friends of Steve Bannon. As result Hispanic descendants are being assaulted in the streets. These attacks on brown Hispanics are part of bigger campaign which puts people of color as the victim in today’s Make America Great Again era.

Any person of color, any woman, any person who thinks different or has a different beliefs is a possible target of violence.

The victories and advances in human rights we have gained as a result of the struggle of Civil Rights movement are at risk. We see more people of color in jail or detention. We see white supremacist groups taking the streets. We see the President of Unites States calling for violence and blaming the victims of hate crimes for this violence, and at the same time he states “the violence is coming from many parts, not Obama. Not Trump”.

No matter what media has said about undocumented workers and their families, our community is stronger than ever. Our borders are safe, and immigrants help make our economy strong.

Defend DACA and TPS! Stand with 11 million undocumented immigrants and with their families! To stand against the voices of white nationalists is to stand with the voices of the oppressed! To stand against the violence of the white supremacist, is to uphold what Martin Luther King dreamed about! It is to defend what we all believe in: Justice, Love and Peace.


Johanna Nicol is a member of Athens for Every One

Beto Mendoza coordinator of Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition.

More info contactathensimmigrantrights@gmail.com