Advise from an Atlanta-based immigration lawyer, with ties to the Athens Latinx community:

❝Among the whole immigration attorney community, there is a lot of uncertainty in what will happen once Trump becomes president. There are attorneys on both sides with respect to DACA. Some say might as well go ahead with those applications for individuals who don’t have any crimes on their record because we really have no idea if/when DACA will be repealed. Others say not to do it because it would expose their information to the government and may be at risk for removal if DACA is repealed. It really has to be the person’s informed choice once they understand the possible risks.
As for renewals, more attorneys are on the side of going ahead because the government already has their information, unless they have picked up any crimes and then they need to be aware that they may be more at risk of removal if DACA is repealed. But, again, the person ultimately has to make the choice.

There is so much up in the air right now, it’s hard to really give concrete and definitive advice.❞

This advice mirrors what we have found overall. Uncertainty. Don't apply for the first-time if you have any criminal record. Many opinions on whether or not to apply for the first-time if your record is "clean." Most encourage renewals unless there are any new marks on your record. Make informed decisions and get advice from a reputable immigration lawyer.