Help those left vulnerable after Trump's DACA decision

As you have heard by now, the Trump administration ended Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Many people are outraged and wondering what they can do. According to MPI as of March of 2017 there were 28,589 DACA applications accepted by USCIS in Georgia. Several of them live in Athens area. Without DACA they will no longer have the protection from deportation, work permit, and as a result, driver licenses. They will lose all these things if congress does not do something to replace DACA (please contact your senators and urge them to support the bipartisan Dream Act 2017). 
There is a small window of safety for some DACA holders. If their DACA expires before March 5 2018, they can renew it for two years if they file before October 5. We can help! U-Lead Athens and AIRC are spreading the message far and wide that we will help people in this situation file their renewals. We do this free of charge; lawyers charge a fee. The Department of Homeland Security charges a $495 fee. Many of the young people who could renew their DACA lack of resources to do it. We would like to pay whatever part of this fee the DACA holder cannot. We know that today (Thursday, September 8) about 10 people will come to U-Lead Athens meeting to renew. We expect to be paying about $3500 to partially cover the fees for these first 10 applicants. We hope to have more in the next few weeks. We are now asking you to support this group of Dreamers. Please click here or the button below to make a donation to U-Lead Athens DACA fund or send a check with “DACA fund” in the memo to:

U-Lead Athens
130 Hope Avenue
Athens 30606