This Saturday, the Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition is hosting a Town Hall meeting and work session from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on the UGA Health Sciences Campus, George Hall, room 117. (I will be there!)

Latinx families will provide a delicious homemade lunch for a small donation. This event will offer the community a chance to learn more about what each branch of AIRC does, how to get involved, and local issues that are affecting our Latinx community.

Please join us, even for part of the day. It should be a great discussion, fun company, and a fruitful way to do good things in the community we live in. All are welcome.
Here is the tentative schedule:
Doors open at 9:30
Auditorium George Hall Room 117
▪ 10:00-10:10 Welcoming
▪ 10:10-10:20 Introductory History Timeline of Immigration focus in Athens and AIRC
▪ 10:20-11:10 Introductory Panel with all the groups sub groups of AIRC

▪ 11:10-11:25 Time to visit info-Tables
▪ 1st. Break sesión 11:25- 12:10
1. Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition: Room 202 Info_session�
2. Community Support: Room 205 Info-session�
3. ULead: Room 235 Panel�
4. DIA Ally : Room 228 Workshop : How to be an ally �

▪ Lunch, art and Music 12:10-1:00 PM 50min.
• Special even in Spanish “Junta de la Comunidad Migrante con El Gobierno de Athens.1:10-3:00PM George Hall Room 117�

▪ 2nd Break out session 1:10-2:00

1. Report from the Border and Migrant Caravan (Imani Scott Blackwell): Room 217 Info-Session�
2. Ulead: Room 228 Workshop�
3. Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition: Room 202�

▪ Time to visit info-tables 2:00-2:10

3rd Break out session 2:10-3:00

1. Law and Policy: Room 205 �
2. LainxFest & The Drivers pool Room 207�
3. Immigration History Basics workshop: Room 205 Info-Session�

Time to visit info-tables 3:00-3:10

▪ 3:10-3:40 Auditorium Adelina Niclos GLAHR Keynote Remarks.

▪ 3:40-4PM Closing Beto.